When I first started my journey with Melissa, I had a back injury and she recommended me the right fitness program for my needs. She is knowledgeable. I’ve seen improvements on my back and results, getting mentally stronger, after only a few days in the program.  She is available and encouraging! Always there to help her team, she knows how to give great simple advice so you can implement them in your daily routine. Good luck Melissa, thanks for everything.

Véronique Thibault, Québec, Canada

My personal experience with Melissa is amazing. I first started my journey with Shakeology so that I could lose weight and gain energy. It truly helped me! Also, with the workout routine Melissa have set up for me personally has helped me tremendously not only physically but mentally too because I am more confident and proud of myself for achieving greater results. To Melissa: I sincerely wish you realize all of your dreams in your business and personally!

Émilie Breton-Robidoux, Québec, Canada

To describe my experience with Melissa in one word: Exceptional!!! Melissa is a kind and inspiring coach who you will sure like immediately by her countless qualities. She is considerate and thoughtful to your needs and elaborates with you a game plan to make sure you achieve your goals! Hard-worker, good interpersonal skills, always reaching out to everyone in her groups to ask questions on how everybody is doing. Involved in 110% in what she does. I highly recommend Melissa because she will become not only your Coach but a precious ally in your journey. My experience is wonderful! A lot of great advices and tips easy to follow through for the program I have purchased. The results are pretty amazing! Melissa helped me not only in my health and fitness journey but to gain back my confidence, believing in myself and in my capacities and especially in my inner force!

Bianca Senéchal, Québec, Canada

I had a cruciate ligament rupture of the left knee due to karate in June 2014. Melissa introduced me to Piyo and 6 months later, I was able to go back to classes. She followed and motivated me all the way, she’s really a wonderful coach.

Cynthia Crevier, Québec, Canada

I right away had trust in Melissa. She knew how to guide me through with my nutrition, my workouts and guided me through all of my personal goals I want to achieve. I started in her Fitness & Support Group on January 5th 2015 with Melissa as my coach along with other women with the same goals and objectives as mine who wish to make it a lifestyle. Despite my hundreds of questions and concerns, she is always available to answer my questions and encouraging me! I highly recommend her to whoever is motivated and wish to take its life under control!!!

Cindy Pierre, Québec, Canada

When I first started my journey with Melissa was in September but due to major exams preparation I lost track of my workout routine and postponed it to late December when the exams were over. And so, I requested to join in her new Fitness & Support Group to get the accountability and support I needed. I have just completed my first round of the program she recommended and now on second round! I’m very happy to see that there are obvious differences only after the first round! What has changed: the increased of my body energy level, production of happy endorphins, relaxed, increased self-esteem and confidence. I like the fact that Melissa is so caring and focused on her team; she posts tips, advices, meal plans and even videos so frequently to help us reach our goals! Everyone is the group is supportive to each other and it’s really nice getting to know them. She is so knowledgeable, a lot of her articles mention specific and scientific things in regard of food, exercises…It helps me to understand more and gained knowledge.

Ziwen Sow, Malaysia

Melissa is a great motivator and coach! She is always there to encourage to dig deeper and support us no matter what. If I have any concerns, doubts or questions, she’s there to help me. It shows that she is very passionate about what she does!

Sandra Sok, Québec, Canada

I’ve known Melissa for almost 10 years now. She was and still is a down-to-earth, dedicated and honest person. When she joined Beachbody as a coach she reached out to me. We discussed a lot, trying to find the program that would best match my goals and needs. I didn’t feel the pressure of “buying” something, she had a real interest in my health and well being. She made sure to follow-up on a regular basis just to check that everything was fine, giving me advices and tips when times were roughs, congratulating me when I made good choices when dining out. And when I saw how passionate and happy she was as a coach I made the decision to be more than just a discount coach. It’s a lot of hard work but with a leader like Melissa it’s so motivating! She guides me every step of the way and her support means a lot to me. I just know that we’ll be a terrific team together.

Valérie Carrière, Québec, Canada