Hey beautiful reader!

Thank you for stopping by! Let me introduce myself to you :-)…

I am a 30 years old woman from Montreal, Canada. I began my health and fitness journey 4 years ago with Insanity and I have lost 25 pounds.

I found out about Beachbody after doing a few researches and a friend of mine was doing a challenge group. So, I decided to join with a free membership and bought the Insanity challenge pack (which has the best value, you get your fitness program + Shakeology for a fraction of the price) everything I needed to start on Day 01. I took my before picture, measurements and began the challenge.

My before picture alone was my greatest motivation to push play every day!!! I didn’t want to see this version of myself anymore, I wanted to be fit and lean like I used to be!!! So from that moment on, I decided to give it my all and make the change! After 2 weeks, I was seeing changes and that kept me going!!!

After the first 30 days, I was shocked by how I felt and how strong I was getting each day! But in order to succeed even more I had to change my diet, so I learned how to eat clean, meal planning and making smart choices. I was also drinking Shakeology which helped me jump start my weight loss and shed those extra stubborn pounds!! I don’t know what I would have done without my shake every morning!

After the 60 days, I was blown away by my results, I had more energy. I was stronger, fitter and leaner!!

Goodbye before picture and Hello new me!!!


Now, I get up every morning at 5:00am to workout and eat 6-8 small meals a day with Shakeology being one of them. More importantly, I gained back my CONFIDENCE and this is priceless!!! It is an amazing feeling to look in the mirror the person that you are!

I became a Beachbody Coach because I wanted to help people changed their lives, even if it was only one person. I wanted to share my successes and offering my help! I am in the process of obtaining my certification to be a Personal Health & Fitness Coach (PTS) with Canfitpro so I can be a nationally certified coach and teach in gyms. I will get many other Beachbody certifications like Insanity, P90X, PiYo and TurboFire, so I will also teach to small groups these fitness programs. Every summer, I run Fit Clubs in different parks in my city! Combining nature and exercises it’s wonderful! At the same time, I teach women and men on how to be successful in their home-based businesses so they can have a fulfilling life and be financially free.

I truly have found my passion!!! It’s an amazing feeling to know that when you are getting up in the morning your job doesn’t feel like a job, you are having fun doing what you love! I believe it is so important to do something that we love.

Believing in yourself makes everything possible!

Let’s start this beautiful journey together!